I’ve had several sessions with Katie and have enjoyed them each very much. She is passionate about the work that she does and uses various techniques and modalities to treat the emotional, spiritual, and physical symptoms that affect quality of life. She has helped me with headaches, back pain, grief, and has guided me on my spiritual journey. –Angela

I have received more Reiki sessions than I can count, and Katie’s session is one of the most powerful I have ever experienced! –Cindy

Katie has gone from a treasured student of mine to my trusted healer of choice! She is authentically dedicated and truly gifted. Within just a 30 minute session, I felt a profound shift in energy that was so very needed! I’m so grateful. Thank you! –Sheri

In 2008 I experienced a major car accident when a large box truck T-boned the little Scion car that I was driving. The accident put me in the hospital but the emergency doctors found nothing wrong and sent me home with a warning that I may have some discomfort for a few days. Unfortunately, the accident left me with a reoccurring sciatica and knee pain on my right side. My right leg also has been shorter than the left since the accident. I have learned to manage the discomforts, but they have never been completely recovered. Several weeks ago, I received a Sound and Reiki healing session from Katie. Three quarters through the very relaxing and lovely session, my hip and leg began moving uncontrollably, slowly, and rhythmically. It felt as if they were unwinding. This continued for a period of time, then it just stopped on its own. When I stood up after the session, I felt a balance that I have not felt in some time. My hip felt good. My knee released. When I got home, I checked my leg lengths and for the first time in 13 years, they were even. I went for a run the next day and the knee pain I normally suffered with my distance running was gone. I have had no symptoms in the hip, knee, or leg since. Because of this remarkable outcome, I am honored to endorse Katie and her Sound and Reiki healing sessions. It certainly worked for me and I’ve been to every kind of health professional with limited results before her session. Thank you Katie! –Anthony

A few days ago I had a bad fall and broke my kneecap. Katie has paid me two visits to do Reiki and sound therapy. After each visit I have felt less pain and have been able to sleep much better than before. I am amazed at the difference. Below is the original x ray and my follow up x-ray a week later. –Nancy

Original X Ray
X Ray One Week Later

Tree of Life Wellness is owner-operated by Katie Cataldi. Cataldi is certified in Reiki procedures that also include vibrations treatments (bowls, chimes, drums, etc) along with being a mindfulness coach to special clients.  My own personal make-up is to find methods of cleansing and/or detox which have almost zero massage involvement.  Cataldi has provided me with two sessions and I come away feeling rejuvenated over 24 – 72 hours after procedures.  I manage to go through seeing colors, images and feeling vibrations in an eyes-closed setting on a comfortable massage table.  Reiki treatment isn’t for everyone but it works for me.  Cataldis spa and treatment is in-home.  Small but extremely comfortable and does not have or receive any interference with family members.  If you like Reiki – Katie Cataldi has skills. –Walt

My first session with Katie was in April 2021 in her home. She put me right at ease from the very start. We just worked on my overall health, but concentrated on my right hip, which I had replaced in 2017. I let myself go to her calming touch and vibrations, and in turn felt so relaxed and at peace. In turn, my body was completely re-energized and felt great. This feeling lasted not just for the session, but for some days afterwards also! I wholeheartedly recommend Katie’s holistic approach and I believe in her ability to help our bodies to help themselves. Looking forward to another session soon. Thank you! –Denise

Before Katie, I had heard of reiki but never knew much about it. She did a great job helping me understand the practice and I was very excited to experience it. Our first session, she made me feel very comfortable and safe. We discussed what I hoped to gain from our sessions and she explained how she could help me achieve a better state of being. Her space mirrors her demeanor as a gentle calm place where I felt perfectly at ease (which is unusual for me). I think her table is the only place where the tension in my neck and jaw are totally released and I am grateful for the days afterward that I can carry that sense of calm. –LKD

I took my child to Katie and we were super pleased with her calming effect, energy and compassion. She is amazing. The appointment was not for me, but because I was in the room, I also received some Reiki energy, that was so effective, I came home and took a 3 hour nap! I can’t tell you the last time I napped! We both feel wonderful. –Nikki

I had to go off my ant-inflammatory meds because I developed ulcers in my stomach lining. I was seeking alternative ways to manage my pain. I researched and found “Tree of Life Wellness” and went to a Reiki and Sound healing session with Katie. The session was very relaxing and energizing all at the same time. I felt like it helped both my pain and my emotional state. Katie also shared many ways I could reduce my pain and manage my health at home. I was very impressed with her skills and her caring demeanor. –Carolyn

Evidence is always wonderful when I can capture it! I bit my tongue at lunch and after I ate dinner a sore spot rapidly grew into what I think was a pyogenic granuloma. I didn’t want to go to the doctor to get it removed or wait a week for it to heal, so I put my skills to work. Below you will find the original picture, one after 40 minutes of healing, and one the next morning.

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