I began practicing Reiki in 2020 and I am an Usui Reiki Master.  This is the traditional Japanese Reiki that Mikao Usui created in the late 1800s/early 1900s.  However, many believe that he simply rediscovered a very ancient healing technique that had been forgotten over thousands of years.  Reiki is an energy healing technique where hands are placed on or slightly above the person’s body in certain places.  Clients lie down fully clothed on a massage table and then I channel “life force energy” which flows through me into the client.  During a session most clients feel a deep sense of relaxation, pain is reduced, they sleep well, and most report feeling lighter or “more themselves” afterward.  Some clients will feel twitching as nerves release, throbbing where blood flow is restored, and those that are sensitive to energy may feel tingles/surges of wonderful energy.  I listen to any physical, mental, or emotional issues you would like to work on and make those a priority in the healing session.  Although it should be mentioned that the energy “goes” to where it is needed most for that particular day, and sometimes there are other issues that the universe sees as a higher priority.  Many people wonder if Reiki has a religious nature/component.  There is no dogma, and you don’t need to “believe” in anything for it to work.  Reiki is spiritual in nature and I see it as the flow of positive energy, light, and love.  I consider myself to be an Omnist/Universalist and I believe in all religions and paths to the light and I welcome all religions, agnostics, and atheists.  Reiki is gaining popularity with top hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic and more top universities are conducting studies and are including Reiki in their services.  It is an exciting time in alternative medicine and perhaps soon it won’t be called “alternative”.

Sound Healing

Sound therapy is one of the original forms of healing that dates back thousands of years when shamans would use drums and their voice to promote healing in their patient.  Then our great ancient cultures, like Egypt, took it to the next level by creating sound chambers to optimize healing and many instruments were invented.  Modern sound therapy was rediscovered in the 1930s when ultrasound was discovered and used medicinally.  Ultrasound is regularly used to break up kidney stones and it can also shrink tumors.  In the 1960s Sir Peter Guy Manners began developing tuning fork therapy.  Finally in the 1970s and 1980s singing bowls began being used for sound healing.  You may remember from middle school science (a unit I loved to teach) that all atoms are in motion. The atoms of solids vibrate, liquids slide past each other, and gases move freely.  Different chakras in our body vibrate at different frequencies like notes in a scale.  When there is trauma, disease, or an injury, that body part often begins to vibrate at the wrong frequency.  This is like someone playing the wrong note or being out of tune (this takes me back to my marching band days).  Sound therapists locate areas that need tuned and use various items to bring those areas back to the correct frequency.  Once the cells are vibrating at the correct frequency, the body can heal itself.  Sound healers have a variety of tools, but the most common tools are drums, rattles, crystal singing bowls, metal singing bowls, crystal pyramids, their voice, music, and tuning forks.  Forks and singing bowls are held above or on the body.  These tools are also used to cleanse and heal the bioenergy field that surrounds us.  Research in sound and music therapy has taken off in recent years and it’s an exciting time to be a sound healer.  They are making more and more discoveries.  There are even studies showing tumors shrinking in mice after undergoing sound therapy.  Take a look at the link below to see a compilation of articles from my teacher’s teacher, Eileen Day McKusick.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing has been used for thousands of years. The first documentation of this occurred with Ancient Sumerians and evidence of crystal healing can be found all over the world.  More and more people are becoming fascinated with crystals, and it’s no wonder with all the beautiful colors, shapes, and lusters.  I was always drawn to crystals and began my personal collection as a young child.  As I got older, I would stumble into crystal shops and was very curious about the various healing properties that they claimed to have.  Then, I had a profound experience when I was beginning to learn how to heal myself that blasted all of my doubts away.  During one of my meditations, I was guided to place a piece of rose quartz on my uterus.  During this time, I was trying to heal my reproductive system and the rape trauma I had endured.  During that meditation session I had a large emotional release and then when I woke up the next morning, I experienced an increase in pain.  The pain only lasted a few hours and I felt as those it was a symptom of the negative energy finally releasing from my reproductive system.  After that, my health in that area improved as well as my intimacy with my husband.  From there, I began diving into research on this topic and started meditating with crystals and this allowed me to go deeper and longer in my meditations.  Soon after I decided to learn crystal surgery and now I am a level 1 crystal surgery practitioner.  This highly technical style of crystal healing was developed in the 1990s and the vast body of knowledge continues to grow.  Crystals are used to “operate” on the energy field and energy body of the person.  The energy field surrounds the body, and the energy body is an energetic duplicate of the physical body.  By adjusting these areas, the physical body is then better able to heal itself.  The crystals’ energy and chemical properties are used to bring healing to a variety of physical, mental, and emotional challenges.  To learn more, please visit which is my teacher’s website.

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness and breathing is where it all started for me. Mindfulness is the act of paying attention and being present in whatever you are doing.  It is very similar to meditation and there are a lot of areas where it overlaps with meditation, but they are different.  Meditation has many definitions, but it is the practice of either focusing one’s attention on something or it is making the mind think of nothing.  There are many forms of both mindfulness and meditation which I teach to my clients.  Some people have the misconception that religion must be tied to either practice, but it is not the case.  They can be very religious and spiritual or have nothing related to that.  It is up to you!  I was first introduced to meditation in college when I had to live like a Buddhist monk for a month.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed trying out the different types, but when the month was over, I gave it up.  Then, when getting my Master of Education degree, I began practicing again after doing research on the many benefits of meditation/mindfulness.  However, once I had my first baby, I once again stopped.  I saw the benefits from it, but it was hard to put it into practice and I would get frustrated when I couldn’t quiet my mind.  Fast forward to 2019 when my life was turned upside down by yet another health crisis and one of my healers persuaded me to give it another try.  Around this same time, I had begun learning about chakras and the body’s energy system and how certain mindfulness practices could help me open my chakras and heal my energy system and body. This time, everything clicked and I’ve been meditating every day since then from 20 minutes to 2.5 hours.  As I was able to go deeper and deeper into my meditation sessions, I began to have amazing experiences which I thought could only happen if you were a monk living in a monastery.  I also learned how to open my chakras and began healing myself.  Each session made progress with my physical and mental health.  Meditation is my time to heal, recalibrate, release unwanted energy, and charge up my battery. I went from getting triggered and having negativity many times a day, to getting triggered maybe once a week.  I used to be more of a pessimist and negative person (always focusing on negative things like my health) and now I am more of an optimist.  Whether you are completely new to mindfulness/meditation or you have tried in the past with little success or if you’re a seasoned pro and want to learn the healing techniques I’ve developed, I am here for you!  I meet with each client to determine your personal goals and then I create a custom plan to help you reach them. 

Children are Welcome

Children are welcome!  As a mother of two and a teacher for 16.5 years, I love working with children of all ages.  I taught middle school science and math for 16.5 years in public and private schools and when COVID struck I stayed home to teach a small pod of elementary students out of my home along with my own children.  During my years as a teacher, I was able to begin developing my skills teaching yoga and mindfulness to children.  Then when my own children began to meditate and receive healing sessions, I knew that this was my new calling to work with children.  I would say from my own experience, that most children have some sort of trauma (some more than others).  As a teacher I saw how this affected their education, self-esteem, and relationships and I always wanted to do more.  Then when my own children acquired their own trauma, I wanted to help spare them the misery I endured.  I didn’t want their trauma to manifest as a medical issue in the future and I wanted them to be happy and confident.  For many children, they might be living their trauma right now and the issues that COVID has created has made the mental health crisis in our children even more severe.  My son was bullied for years starting in kindergarten.  He began seeing a counselor, but he had trouble opening up to her, and we weren’t seeing many results.  The beautiful thing about reiki/sound healing is that children don’t have to talk about whatever the issue is to get results (although I am always there to listen if they choose).  If your child has moderate to severe mental health challenges it is best to keep them under the care of their counselor/psychiatrist along with reiki/sound healing. 

I also offer mindfulness coaching geared towards children.  My own children meditate and I have seen a world of difference.  They are both empathic and intuitive and they were having challenges managing their energy/emotions and the energy/emotions of others around them.  I have found that they are better able to control their emotions, they’re in a better mood, and they have better impulse control after meditating regularly.  It is also a goal of mine to run mindfulness camps/clubs in the future, so stay tuned for that!

I will soon be able to train children how to do reiki!  Children must be at least 8 years old, and they are only able to take the Reiki Level 1 course.  Children over the age of 14 may take up to Reiki Level II.  It is recommended that your child already knows how to meditate before taking these classes. 

Animals are Welcome

Animals have always been a part of my life.  Growing up we had a cat and many Golden Retriever dogs.  My family and I trained and competed with them in obedience, agility, conformation, and field work.  In addition, I would take my therapy dogs to nursing homes to visit the elderly.  I started training and competing when I was 9 and this is still my main hobby.  I also grew up riding horses and love spending time with them as well.  I originally wanted to be a veterinarian, but then decided that teaching was a better fit for me.  However, now I get to use my healing gifts with animals!  Animals love getting reiki and most will relax for a session.  The session length can be a bit unpredictable due to the animal’s age, personality, and health challenges.  My cats often like shorter sessions, but my older dogs would take a half hour to an hour.  Occasionally animals prefer to have a hands-off session where I send them distance reiki as well.  In addition, if you are having any training challenges, I can offer my expertise during your session. 

***Energy healing is a complementary service and is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and medical care.

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