• NEW CUSTOMER SPECIAL: 50% off initial visit.
  • Initial adult/teen visit with consultation – 1.5 hours – $98 ($49 with special)
  • Initial child visit with consultation – 1 hour – $65 ($33 with special)
  • 1 hour – $65
  • 1.5 hours – $98
  • 2 hours – $130
  • 30 minute child visit – $33 (Note: Children can also have an hour session. Use your best judgement on their attention span/activity level. Remote sessions while the child is sleeping are also an option)
  • 30 minute animal session – $33 (Note: Animals respond in many different ways with Reiki. Some want a small dose and others want a full hour long session.)
  • Group Sessions: I can host or travel to your home, school, business, or church! Based on your requests, I will create a custom presentation/healing session (or both) for your group. I can share my knowledge of the body’s energy system, mindfulness, and/or breathing techniques as well as lead a group meditation/sound healing session. Fees are TBT based on time, content, location, and amount of people.
  • Credit card processing fee $3 or 3% of purchases over $100
  • I accept all major credit cards, Venmo, and cash.
  • Referral Promo: I will offer you a $15 discount on your next session for each friend and family member you send my way!

Distance Sessions

Not in Columbus? No problem! I offer distance sessions as well for clients that are out of town or are not able to travel. You might be thinking, how can this work at a distance?  Our brains have a hard time with this and I myself was a sceptic before trying distance sessions.  Luckily quantum physics is beginning to show how this is possible. I can tell you from the many sessions I have had personally as well as given professionally, that distance sessions are just as effective.  With these sessions, you lie down in a quiet spot in your home and I get to work as though you were there with me.  These calls are done with video off over facetime, skype, or google meet. Meditation coaching can be done over video calls.

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