My Philosophy

Through my own personal journey with health and healing I have discovered many incredible things.  During my “unhealthy years” I suffered through what seemed like countless diagnoses, 7 surgeries, several chronic health conditions, and pain.  I received wonderful assistance from many different doctors over the years, but I still never felt healthy and pain free.  Then slowly I began finding alternative medicine practitioners.  I tried just about everything, from a chiropractor, naturopath, cell microscopist, colon hydrotherapy, yoga, acupuncture, reiki, massage, cupping, sound healing, and crystal healing.  Most of these healers took the time to get to know me, they didn’t treat me like a number, and I was getting results unlike those I was getting with western medicine.  I wouldn’t be here without traditional medicine, but my healers kept me going when doctors ran out of ideas and they provided relief when my doctors told me I would have to deal with the pain.  Then, as all healers are called, I began learning how to heal myself in 2019 and I began learning how mental/emotional issues could influence and create disease in the body. 

Here is my opinion on the mind/body link based on my own experiments and research.  We have an energy system in our body; some call it chi, others call it prana, and us westerners have forgotten the name we called it.  When it is functioning properly, energy can flow freely throughout the body and the bioenergetic field that surrounds the body.  This allows the body to heal itself more effectively.  When something traumatic occurs to us and we don’t fully release the negative energy associated with the event, then the energy flow becomes blocked/impeded.  Where the energy becomes blocked, then the blood flow, lymph flow, and nerve flow also become restricted, then disease/injury is more likely to occur.  So, it is not that your pain/disease is “in your head”; it is the fact that the unresolved mental/emotional issue can create dis-ease in the body.  Energy healers strive to locate those blockages, clear them, and restore proper flow to that area and then the body and mind can heal.  Each session is like peeling off a layer of an onion, as most issues are complex, occurred in the past, and took years to acquire.  Alternative medicine is not a replacement for traditional medicine, as people will still need medicine, tests, procedures, and surgeries.  However, it has brought me greater success at managing my chronic physical and mental health issues.  My health is not 100% YET, but it is better than it has ever been and seeing improvements after each session brings me peace of mind and hope.  So, if what I have said resonates with you, you are in the right place, and I would be honored to begin a healing journey with you. 

About Katie

I am a wife, mother, healer, teacher, and Universalist minister. I grew up in Dublin and moved back to the area in 2017. I graduated with a BA in Education from Wittenberg University in 2006 and received my master’s degree in curriculum and instruction in 2010 from Ashland University. I have been teaching middle school science for 16.5 years and I am currently an online science teacher. Many people are shocked to find that someone so analytical got interested in the healing arts! However, it is my curiosity and love of science, as well as seeing the results from my “healing experiments” that make me so interested in it. And with the latest breaking technology, science is beginning to prove some of the things that mystics have known all along. After all, the greatest scientists and inventors are the ones that are daring enough to explore things that are considered “crazy” to mainstream society. As I teacher, I have always been drawn to the children in need of the most help. I had a challenging childhood and I try to be the trusted adult that they can come to when in need. However, it was and is challenging to see a child struggle and not be able to share my healing gifts with them. It is my dream that one day a healer will work alongside the guidance counselor in every school. My other dream is for each household to elect at least one person to learn Reiki so that their family can be healed for free. Outside of my professional life I enjoy training and competing with my dogs, playing piano, meditating, hiking, gardening, camping, riding horses, and yoga.

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